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Cosy Cages - Outdoor cat kennels
Cosy Cages outdoor dog kennels
Cosy Kennels are available in different sizes

Our Pet Houses/ Cat Kennel are recyclable and
made in the UK - These are good quality products 

You can now buy using Klarna to buy Cat Kennel - Buy now, pay later

Dog Kennel
Tortoise / Hedgehog House Hideaway
Cat Kennel
Pet accessories room
Duck House
Rabbit Hutch

Visit our Cosy Cages store today to choose your new pet shelter

Recycleable  Pet Houses - Cat Kennel

Available in different sizes and colours

Feel free to browse our site for a variety of pet houses we offer, the range come in similar shapes but with options on some models of different entrances to suit your pet.

All our Cosy Pods/ Cat Kennel are made from moulded plastic to give the rigity and sturdiness it needs, not like a lot of inferior products on the market that are clipped together and will last probably 1 year, ours are made to last and proudly made in England. The Company we have teamed up with to manufacture our products are very good in the environmental market and so we feel we can give you the product that is safe for your pet.

If you require any help before purchasing you can contact us by email, or if you have any general enquiries.

We love your pets! Our dedication to animals means you’ll always find the perfect shelter / Cat Kennel you need for your happy, healthy pets at Cosy Cages Ltd. We provide a balance of quality, convenience, selection, value and service that you won’t find anywhere else.

The purrrrfect waterproof/weatherproof pet cosy pods. Our outdoor cat kennel/shelter have been designed and manufactured in England, using the method of rotational moulded plastic, therefore, it has no joints, making it extremely hygienic. Furthermore, no joints means no draughts, add a door and a fleece, so your pets can be extra cosy.


Our outdoor cat kennel/shelter and pet houses have been beautifully and sympathetically designed to blend in your garden without viewing a box, they wont rot, so can be placed within hedgerow, bushes or perhaps you would like the cosy kennel in a shed or outbuilding. Whatever you choose, we are sure your cat won't complain.

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