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These are excellent houses, robust, easy to clean and a quality

product. No need to worry about damp staying inside wood houses causing bacteria and red mite, these have no joints and can be washed out with a hose and soapy water with the added advantage of a drain hole in the bottom.

These are perfect for Ducks and Small chickens and Quail.Don't be fooled into thinking that these are a cheap flimsy product, these are strong enough to sit on and won't blow away in the wind. Please read our feedback to see our delighted customers. 

These Come without a perch or nesting box but does come with a door.

We have fitted a 70mm round vent in the rear which is removable for ease of cleaning.

It should house 2 large peking ducks, or 3 large ducks, possibly 5 small, this should give you a idea for chickens too, this is from a customer of ours but remember, everyones pets are different sizes and therfore this is a guide only.

External sizes  H 600mm x W820mm x D600mm  - Internal sizes are H580mm x W790mm x D500mm - Door entrance W360mm x H320mm - All sizes are approx 

Duck House/Chicken Coop -

  • All items shipped will only be despatched to  England, Wales, Central Scotland and will be £9.00 shipping.

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