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Look at this fabulous looking cat house and comes complete with a free flowing flap

This models also comes with a Self Heating Cat Tunnel & Mat is great for playing and sleeping, and contains thermo reflective self heating layers that helps to keep pets warm.

The tunnel can be changed into a mat by simply unzipping and unfolding and has an unfolded size of 90cm x 56cm.


Give your pet the comfort it deserves and is delivered free to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

This is the purrrrfect weatherproof Cat house and have no joints to allow draughts to get inside,so  your pet is cosy.(Remember to move your pets into a outhouse or inside during extreme temperatures).

Our Pet houses are beautifully designed  to blend in your garden without viewing a box ,they can be placed within hedgerow, bushes or perhaps you would like to put them in a shed or outbuilding. Whatever you choose, we are sure your cat won't mind.

Our Cat houses are made using the  method of rotational moulded plastic and is extremely hygeinic.

Designed and made in England so we can always ensure quality to our customers.

The sizes are W 550mm x D 455mm x H 410mm . 21.5" x 18" x 16". Square door entrance is 160mm x 180mm

These should accommodate 2 small/medium sized cats.




Outdoor Cosy Pods Plastic Cat House + Flap+ Cat Tunnel

£89.00 Regular Price
£79.00Sale Price
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